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Posted on April 19, 2013 by Kira Kenley

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Album released online

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A few weeks ago, I sent my album to a man called Blade with the intention of making something existing only in the digital realm a physical thing. There were steps involved, organizations to join, barcodes to be assigned and artwork to be finalized. These tasks got done as all things do when I simply ‘do’ them and now I am waiting for the final product. Whilst waiting, it dawns on me that I should release the album digitally but where?

I call the ‘Musicians Union’, an organization offering invaluable advice and help to UK musicians, and they point me in the direction of CD Baby. This is an American company established for independent musicians, like myself. Should my music and content be accepted, they will post my album on their website and also approach companies like ITunes and Amazon on my behalf. Fantastic!

My submission is processed and accepted within 24 hours. Now I have an ‘Artist Page’ where people can find me, and buy my album. Furthermore, the CD Baby administrative fee is very reasonable. This is great news and opens up another possible income-stream enabling me to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly, without having to do something time consuming and other than creative for ‘survival’ cash.

The album is released on April 5th, which is a special date for me. It is my mother’s birthday and even though she has passed many years ago, I continue the annual celebration. It feels fitting. I receive an email from CD Baby, congratulating me; my album is now on their website.

This is a massive moment and as I sit looking at the link I think back to when I first had the notion that I would someday like to make an album. How far away it all seemed. How almost impossible, for at that stage there were not even any songs. There was just an idea floating around in my head.

In the evening, I am sat toasting the memory of the woman who brought me into this world and sadly had to leave it before we became acquainted in my grown up life, when an email notification appears on my phone. Someone has bought my album. The buyer is anonymous and for a moment I allow myself to dream. I imagine that my beloved mammy has somehow reached across from the other world to show her support.

And back in that other world, I have no doubt she will be passing her iPod to all in sundry proud as punch that her youngest daughter followed her dream and did something she once believed to be far beyond her capability.

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