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Orna Ross Authoris a novelist, poet and creative mentor. She also founded and runs the Alliance for Independent Authors (ALLi). Creative living is  core for Orna and has enabled her to establish herself and make a livelihood within her chosen creative field, in addition to raising her family.

The Go Creative! series of books and courses is Orna’s brainchild. It developed organically once she understood how easily her life flowed when she applied her way of being in her “creative” world to her world at large. You can read more about her novels and poems at OrnaRoss.com and tweet her @ornaross


Kira Kenleyis a singer–songwriter, writer and teacher. Her introduction to Go Creative! was through a chance meeting with Orna in a coffee-shop shortly after leaving her well-paid day job, in the hopes of pursuing a creative life and making a livelihood from her creative output. Initially planned as a one-off blog post, Kira’s Story was well received and resonated with many of the Go Creative! subscribers, so she agreed to contribute a weekly blog charting her journey from the security of the conventional to the uncertainty of the creative.

Kira has spent many years studying the texts of Jiddu Krishnamurti, whose observations and teachings around “creative living” mirror what the Go Creative! series is all about.


Go creativeGo Creative! has at its core the concept that to live creatively is our native state. Going creative is about observing and applying creative practices to your own life, with the intention to live all areas of life with the freedom and abandon that has traditionally been associated only with the life of the “artist”. We hold that life is the great art and we are all artists within our own lives constructing each moment, all practicing this great art of living.


The Go Creative! books published or currently in production are:

  • Go Creative! It’s Your Native State: Process, Presence, Practice. (Core Text)
  • Free Writing: How To Do It And Why You Should
  • Inspiration Meditation: Igniting Insights & Ideas
  • You’re Not Crazy, You’re Creative
  • Creating Money, Creating Meaning


An online seven-week course based on the core text provides a step-by-step blueprint for you to begin living the creative way.  The course is packed with exercises and practical ways of making the changes necessary to allow creative living to unfold and become your habitual way of being.

Orna and Kira also run live intensive workshops over three days at a foundation level.

Coming soon: Facilitator’s Course for suitably qualified practitioners who want to teach the principles.