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Write about what your everyday life offers you; describe your sorrows and desires, the thoughts that pass through your mind and your belief in some kind of beauty“.  Rilke

Writing is such a miracle – through marks on a page, we can communicate across vast continents and dead generations – but like all the everyday miracles,  we tend to take it for granted.

Writing is the uniquely human experience.  Dolphins, birds and other species can communicate but only we can write.  It is also the human achievement that (literally) underwrites all the others – without it there would be no mathematics, no science, no philosophy, no history, no cinema.  And, of course, no literature.

Equally miraculous, I believe, is the power writing gives us to deepen our communication with, and understanding of, ourselves.   My interest in this has led me to the technique I call F-R-E-E-Writing. This simple writing method is a key to emotional health, spiritual awakening and creative breakthrough — not to mention better writing.  It has made such a difference in my own life that it is now my daily practice.  And I have seen it make such a difference in other lives that I now pass it on whenever I can.

F-R-E-E stands for writing Fast, Raw and Exact-But-Easy (See F-R-E-E-Writing Tutorial). Using this method the aim is to write fast enough, for a set period of time or number of pages, to get beyond our censoring, conscious minds and access subconscious levels.

I have introduced this easy writing method to writers and other artists and emerging artists –but also to postgraduate students and returners-to-work, to immigrant groups and women recovering from drug addiction. I have witnessed its benefits among people from different countries and at every level of social and personal development, even those with weak literacy skills.

I can teach the same simple technique, over and over, without ever tiring of it because my respect for F-R-E-E-Writing’s complex potential, continues to expand and deepen. I have come to see F-R-E-E-Writing not as a luxury for those with the time to do it but a simple, significant shortcut to emotional and artistic wellbeing. A daily brushing of the psyche, that takes a little bit longer – though not much – than a good brushing and flossing of the teeth. I have come to believe that everybody who can be, should be, F-R-E E Writing.

Download free F-R-E-E-Writing resources here on this blog. We’re alway adding more.

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