Start Your Go Creative! Week. Exercise 10: Soul Food

Posted on August 19, 2013 by Kira Kenley

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Why not make this week a creative one and try our task?

Soul Food

Go Creative! Food

 Food glorious food!

The food we eat, and how and where we eat it is such a big part of the society in which we live.

Restaurants line our streets and when at home there are thousands of books written offering a multitude of recipes to bring our own cooked “meals” to life.

But in addition, busy lives can mean we skim over our meals and are forced to eat while on the move and rarely have the chance to enjoy our food.

Exercise 10

For a single meal this week consider what you really want to eat.

Plan your meal so that you eat that exact thing and take the time to enjoy and savour that meal.

How you execute the plan is down to you…

  •  You may want to cook the meal from scratch and enjoy your time in the kitchen while you prepare your food.
  •  Alternatively, you may want to book into your favourite restaurant or visit a restaurant you have never tried before but always wanted to.
  •  You may want to share the meal or maybe your preference is to dine alone.

There are no rules, except one: the golden rule that applies to all Go Creative! exercises:

Enjoy yourself!


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