Writing, The Key To Me – Kira’s Story Part 10

Posted on April 5, 2013 by karen

Writing, The Key To Me

Kira Kenley will share her creative dilemmas and decisions every Friday over the coming months. You can read her earlier posts here

I sit with a blank page in front of me. Eventually, all my secrets unfold; those of which I am aware but also those I only discover when they appear in black and white.

The paper is like a flattened confessional where the internal workings of this creature are let loose. I suspect I might have wandered through my life in complete ignorance before I began writing, my endless supply of self-delusions undetected.

This life changing practice began during a period of post-breakdown counseling. In addition, I read a book called ‘The Artist’s Way’, which prescribed I write 3 pages of uncensored prose every morning. I started immediately. Today, I still carry out the ritual.

There are days I miss but these are the exception rather than the rule. What I write is not for an audience and it is written in that spirit. It is unstructured and as it pours onto the page it somehow frees me to write the other stuff, the stories, the songs, this blog.

The ‘morning pages’ as Julia Cameron calls them in her Artist’s Way, have become a part of my life. I never reread my runaway words for the point is made and seen there and then. Afterwards, it is gone. Life has moved on. I have moved on.

Recently, I have taken to ripping the pages out once they are written and throwing them away, as if somehow I am casting aside my baggage, the things that get in the way of creative flow. This writing is by no means a diary. It feels more like a form of purging as I discover what I need to let go of in that moment.

There is so much to do in this modern life. With so many tasks, routines, appointments to be made and kept, it is all too easy for the sweetness of my existence to get lost as I see my life as a constant repetition of the same thing whilst the real magic is forgotten.
That any two moments are ever the same is the illusion of the brain drain I continually witness in my morning pages. Can I be free from this? Can I live without ever getting used to this life or taking it for granted, remembering that I am a guest in this world? Creative energy dances all around me and is as accessible to me as the air I breathe, and as I write I stumble upon the notion that perhaps they are one and the same. Life is to be creative and to be creative is to be alive. The idea warms my heart.

Writing, The Key To Me 1

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What Others Are Saying

  1. Lera April 8, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Amazing, Kira. I love these writings – they reflect so much what everyone is going through on this path, and it’s such a joy to read about my own internal process written so nicely through your perspective. :)

    • Kira Kenley April 9, 2013 at 11:20 am

      Thanks for your message, sweet friend! I am so glad you are enjoying the blogs. Xxxx

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