Nine Faces of Fear

Posted on October 1, 2012 by OrnaRoss

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Part of the ‘Going Creative’ Series.

Fear is the factor that keeps most of us from creating what we want in our lives.

Sometimes fear shows up as itself. Then you know what you’re dealing with. But fear also likes to disguise itself.

Here are nine of its most common faces:

1. Settling That’s just the way he/she/it is. Ah well, that’s life. Not everyone can…
2. Independence That’s not my way. Who needs them, anyhow? I couldn’t care less.
3. Laziness/Apathy I can’t be bothered. It won’t make any difference. What’s the point?
4. Self-knowledge. Some of us just aren’t made that way. You know me. That’s just who I am.
5. Procrastination I’ll start on Monday. When I’m retired/when the children are grown up/when the mortgage is paid…. I’ll get to it as soon as possible. I will, I will.
6. Playing Small Could be worse. Compared to ___, I’m doing fine. You have to give people what they expect.
7. Selling Yourself Hey, I’ve got to eat. I know, but the money’s huge. Too good to refuse.
8. Busy busy If I wasn’t up to my eyes. I wish I had the time. When I finish this. And this. Oh and this.
9. Humility What, me? Oh I couldn’t. When I’ve more qualifications/experience/contacts. I’m not that big headed.

We all have our favourite fear faces. Which one’s yours?

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