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Are You Creatively Intelligent?

creative way

A well developed creative intelligence allows you to:

  • recognise the relationship with your own creative process as the No 1 relationship in your life, the one that defines all the others.
  • observe and express the truth of your unique character and experience.
  • be awake to life through seven senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, overall perception and intuition).
  • know how to summon stillness and presence — and do so regularly.
  • see that you are not separate from the rest of creative life, that the same process that creates one thing creates everything.
  • accept challenging relationships and events in your life, letting them teach you what you need to know.
  • understand that creative intelligence is not acquired so much as accessed, always there for us though we are not always there for it.
  • feel confident of your ability to create
  • hone your creative potential through practice.

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Toni Morrison’s Creative Motivation

what makes me feel as though I belong... [is] what goes on in my mind when I am writing.

what makes me feel as though I belong… [is] what goes on in my mind when I am writing.

I don’t like it here if I don’t have something to write.

Here, meaning where?

Meaning out in the world. It is not possible for me to be unaware of the incredible violence, the willful ignorance, the hunger for other people’s pain. I’m always conscious of that though I am less aware of it under certain circumstances—good friends at dinner, other books. Teaching makes a big difference, but that is not enough. Teaching could make me into someone who is complacent, unaware, rather than part of the solution. So what makes me feel as though I belong here out in this world is not the teacher, not the mother, not the lover, but what goes on in my mind when I am writing. Then I belong here and then all of the things that are disparate and irreconcilable can be useful. I can do the traditional things that writers always say they do, which is to make order out of chaos. Even if you are reproducing the disorder, you are sovereign at that point. Struggling through the work is extremely important—more important to me than publishing it.

If you didn’t do this. Then the chaos would—

Then I would be part of the chaos.


What Is Meditation? By Orna Ross.

Inspiration Meditation by Orna Ross

Inspiration Meditation by Orna Ross. A Go Creative! Book.

Picasso once said: “A painting speaks for itself.  What is the use of giving explanations?”  The same is true of meditation. Like art, meditation is a doorway between our inner and outer worlds; between “reality”, the seemingly solid world that we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch and an elusive “something else” beneath, between and beyond what those five senses can grasp.

And, like art, meditation is its own explanation. The danger in analysing is that intellectual explanations can detract from our understanding of it.

Perhaps a description might offer us a better way in.  In the passage below, Jo Devereux, the narrator of my second novel, Before The Fall, is having a meditative experience . Jo has spent recent months immersed in a tangled family history of insanity and murder.  Now as she walks along a wild Irish beach, mired in misery and confusion, she is surprised to find another part of her mind interjecting into her troubles:

Stop it, I order myself. Stop thinking.  Feel the sun on your eyes and the breeze on your skin. Pull yourself out of your head, down into your body, the body that can’t be in tomorrow or yesterday but only here, where it is.  

Somehow, to my own surprise, I do it.  In the very middle of my trouble, I manage to let it go.  

And as I do, I feel a shift in perception that recomposes the scene before me, making everything in my sights seem more completely itself. The expanse of glistening sands, the knobbled fingers of rock jutting into the ocean, the sunlight pirouetting on the waves — each is more full of its own living presence than it was a moment ago.  Yet somehow, simultaneously, more connected to me. 

I kick off my shoes, I slip out of my clothes, I walk into the sea. My skin is porous, no longer a boundary. Joy surges: I am melting into the water and all the world.  The same molecules dance in me and in everything. 

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Money Mindsets

Creating Money, Creating Meaning

Creating Money, Creating Meaning

Because money is such a powerful symbol of energy, it can represent many things to us, some of them contradictory.

Positive attributes include security, comfort, power, status, freedom, opportunity and success; some negative possibilities are greed, corruption, materialism, self-indulgence, manipulation or exploitation of others.

Over the centuries of its existence, a great number of spoken and unspoken beliefs about money have emerged, some sayings and truisms, some backed by great religious organisations and traditions. Many of these viewpoints contradict each other but we all live within them and have consciously or unconsciously imbibed them.

There are four Money Mindsets that seem to hold most sway in our culture. They are:

• The Materialist Mindset: Acquisition

The physical world is all we know for sure. Money makes the world go round. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

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Going Creative. Kira’s Story Part One.

Kira will share her creative dilemmas and decisions over the coming months

Kira will share her creative dilemmas and decisions over the coming months

KIRA KENLEY: A lot of people have offered their opinion about my recent ‘decision’ to quit my day job and pursue what I love to do in the hope that I can make a living from it. During these conversations, my response is always the same. I tell them that for me it did not feel like I had a choice and so there was no decision.

My ‘money-making’ career has been very good to me in the ‘money-making’ department but unfortunately it has been in a field devoid of passion for me. The only way I could function was to become creatively dormant. What I’d shut down was a very necessary part of me and I’ve come to see that I ignore it at my peril.

What I love to do has been clear to me since I was a very little person living in an old house that was blessed with high ceilings and a hallway,  where the acoustics were as good as the best concert hall. At least, that was how it sounded to my little ears. I would sit at the top step of the stairs and sing into the vastness pretending there was an audience out there somewhere listening. And there usually was an audience of one.

My father was the first person who ever took the time to listen and his comment that I had a ‘good’ voice meant everything to me. That was the only validation I needed.

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Creative Block? It’s Not You, It’s Your Brain Stem. By Orna Ross.

Be More Creative Not managing to bring what you want into being? The conventional response is that you are a weak-willed, indisciplined, good-for-nothing self-sabotager. The truth is that your subconscious is kicking in your brain stem, often known as your “lizard brain”.

This is the part of your brain that controls bodily functions like respiration, digestion and circulation.

Your creative self is activated by the cerebral cortex, (the “learning brain”), responsible for sensory and motor function, problem solving, expression, converting short-term memory to long-term and future planning and motivation.

Beating up on yourself for not being disciplined doesn’t solve the problem; it’s part of it. When we’re stressed (and nothing stresses us like stern self-talk) our cortex is closed down, and higher-level brain functions like innovation and creation are dismissed as trivial.

The tension between these two can, if unaddressed, last for days or, in extreme cases, years.

To get back on the creative track, cut through the self-criticism with some F-R-E-E-Writing or Inspiration Meditation.

Overcoming Creative Resistance

Happy New Year! It’s the time when people make creative intentions and resolutions. Wouldn’t it be nice if this year you actually saw them through? The key is understanding creative resistance, the unconscious blockers that stop us from creating what we most want.

You will never solve the problem of resistance by adding more thoughts to it, of any kind. Mo

re thought = more confusion, more distress, more exhaustion and futility. So while we are about to do an exercise that will locate the deeper thoughts, or feelings, that make up your resistance, this is not in order to have a thought about it.  It is enough to fully see it.

While it is unconsciously held, resistance is very powerful and runs our thoughts and feelings and behaviour. Once we make it conscious — once we clearly observe the inner opinion or emotion that is makes up our inner “no” — it loses its power. It crumbles when faced with the truth. Here is an exercise in deeply observing your resistance. It will bring thoughts of past and future into now and  feelings of shame and blame into the

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Flow. By Orna Ross.

 flow poem

I wish we could flow

as oceans tide,

swelling with joy at our

pulse to unfurl.

I feel we should roll

as planets turn,

dark days and seasons held

level with light.

I sense we can grow

as mountains rise

from stresses rock setting

solid and free.

I intend to go

as children run,

arms wide, smile plunging

into full stop.

F-R-E-E-Writing Book Coming Soon

Freewriting book

Coming Soon: F-R-E-E-Writing: The Next Title in the ‘Go Creative!’ Series

We shall not cease from exploration
two waves of the creative seaAnd the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
Through the unknown, unremembered gate
When the last of earth left to discover
Is that which was the beginning;
At the source of the longest river
The voice of the hidden waterfall
And the children in the apple-tree
Not known, because not looked for
But heard, half-heard, in the stillness
Between two waves of the sea.