Lacking Time? Learn to Get into the Creative Zone

“I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.” Golda Meir

Quality writing time is one of the most precious commodities for an author.

All too often authors struggle to cram creative hours into already busy days.

Sometimes they are up early, sometimes late. Heaven forbid anyone who interrupts a writer when they are in their groove. All Hell will get loose!

When you are in that state when things are just flowing, two strange phenomena seem to occur.

Firstly, it’s almost like your book is being dictated to you. You just know that the first draft is near perfect and will see itself through to the final edit. Secondly, time seems to take on a mysterious and even ethereal quality.

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Fear of Failure

One of the major blocks to our creativity is the avoidance of failure. If you don’t actually do anything then you can’t possibly fail.

Job done! Fear of Ridicule neatly avoided quickly and easily!

Somewhat ironically though, writers, artists and musicians can be really creative on how they go about this avoidance strategy. As for the other types of fears, in nearly all cases, other behaviour masks what is actually occurring.

Typical signs that this fear is in operation include being a ’busy fool’ and finding you are always serving other first before generating our own output.

Expert at Creative Procrastination

Low self-esteem and pessimistic tendencies can also come to play. You may also find you give up at the first hurdle and any sign of adversity. You become an expert at creative procrastination.

These are all the tell-tale signs you are avoiding failure.

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Nine Faces of Fear

Part of the ‘Going Creative’ Series.

Fear is the factor that keeps most of us from creating what we want in our lives.

Sometimes fear shows up as itself. Then you know what you’re dealing with. But fear also likes to disguise itself.

Here are nine of its most common faces:

1. Settling That’s just the way he/she/it is. Ah well, that’s life. Not everyone can…
2. Independence That’s not my way. Who needs them, anyhow? I couldn’t care less.
3. Laziness/Apathy I can’t be bothered. It won’t make any difference. What’s the point?
4. Self-knowledge. Some of us just aren’t made that way. You know me. That’s just who I am.
5. Procrastination I’ll start on Monday. When I’m retired/when the children are grown up/when the mortgage is paid…. I’ll get to it as soon as possible. I will, I will.
6. Playing Small Could be worse. Compared to ___, I’m doing fine. You have to give people what they expect.
7. Selling Yourself Hey, I’ve got to eat. I know, but the money’s huge. Too good to refuse.
8. Busy busy If I wasn’t up to my eyes. I wish I had the time. When I finish this. And this. Oh and this.
9. Humility What, me? Oh I couldn’t. When I’ve more qualifications/experience/contacts. I’m not that big headed.

We all have our favourite fear faces. Which one’s yours?