We Are Not A-mused by Tom Evans

Drama and comedyOne thing I really  love about the English language is that its etymology and construction can tell us so much about the inner workings of our minds, however obscured.

For example, when Queen Victoria said “We are not amused”, although I wasn’t present, perhaps I can connect with her state of mind when she made her so often quoted comment.

The Queen was most probably temporarily disconnected from her Creative ‘Muse’.

This disrupted state is known as be-musement.

Being aligned with your Muse isn’t something just for writers, musicians and artists. Anyone who is interacting on Twitter, Facebook or social media sites needs access to their Muse nowadays.

So, it might sound obvious but, if you are not amused you are hardly going to be inspired about writing a blog, a chapter of your book or even a simple Tweet.

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Seven Causes of Writer’s Block – And A Cure


Block is painful, as anyone who has suffered it knows. Our resident wizard of lightbulb moments, Tom Evans, kicks off a series about seven possible causes of writers’ resistance or block — and offers a cure.


The concept of writer’s block has almost entered urban myth as something that all writer’s are obliged to suffer from at some point other in their career.

It’s like sport’s people suffering a hamstring injury or being afflicted by tennis elbow.

For a writer, it can either manifest as their Muse leaving them completely, so they don’t even feel like writing, or perhaps their current output just not quite flowing like the last.

Over the years, I have lost count of the number of cases of writer’s block I have dealt with. I have also been afflicted with it myself so have been there and got the t-shirt.

In every single case that I have encountered, the writer’s block is a symptom of a deeper malaise. What is playing out is a life block posing as a disruption to the creative flow. When we deal with the underlying issue, both our lives and our writing take on a whole new magical quality and we become unstoppable.

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